AmazonDotCom Gift Cards at 10% Off


Now, thanks to Cardyard’s giftcards you can get your hands on even more of a bargain ... – grab EVEN better deals with this life-hack!

Right now, we’re all loving everything that Amazon has to offer us. After all – they deliver to the door, and they have the biggest range of goods anywhere. Books, downloads, music, games… seems there’s nothing that Amazon doesn’t stock (or have access to).

Amazon can be a great way to get a bargain - and by using a Cardyard's current deal of 10% off an giftcard* it's even better!

Cardyard has a stock of giftcards – for 10% off. That’s a massive TEN PERCENT. So something that would normally cost you $100 will now only cost you $90. It will take you seconds to sign up to the Cardyard site, and buy your giftcard and then the whole of is yours to enjoy!

(*UK People - please remember this offer is only for the USA site - Amazon - dot - COM. So you can only redeem the e-voucher or gift card on the USA site – although you can buy digital downloads from the site, or pay the extra postage for physical product, and get them in the UK this way. All physical purchase may have additional postage from USA, so please be aware of this)


USA link:

UK link:

14th of May, 2020More blog posts