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  • ​  GiftCards for Carers

    ​ GiftCards for Carers

    22nd of June, 2020

    We know that you are probably a bit tired of the COVID-19 24-hour news-cycle. We are too. Little moments of joy are a few and far between at the moment. Yes, it’s interesting that online shopping has had a boost, and we – like you – are still getting our head around the fact that 2 metres distance...

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  • Karen does Fathers Day with Cardyard

    Karen does Fathers Day with Cardyard

    19th of June, 2020

    We love it when we hear from satisfied customers. Here's Karen who has used Cardyard to save cash for Fathers Day gifting. Thanks to our e-card options, there's still time to save yourself cash by buying with a Cardyard resold gift-card. And get up to 30% off the face value! (Depending on...

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  • Self-Care in COVID Times

    Self-Care in COVID Times

    18th of June, 2020

    Let’s face it, self-care is now in everyone’s vocabulary. And COVID-19 seems to have placed us generally in three camps when it comes to self-care in lockdown. You love lockdown. Secretly it feels like #lockdown is actually the ultimate self-care experience as you c...

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  • ​  How COVID-19 has changed the way we shop.

    ​ How COVID-19 has changed the way we shop.

    17th of June, 2020

    On Monday 15th June non-essential shops opened their doors to customers for the first time since lockdown began on 23rd March. After 14 weeks of quiet high-streets and empty shops, some of the biggest retailers in the country have reopened and shoppers have certainly...

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  • Giftcard Statistics

    Giftcard Statistics

    15th of June, 2020

    Why you need to check the expiry dates of your cards, right now. Another birthday has come and gone and you’re swamped with gift-cards and e-vouchers from well wishers. A lovely thought and generous gift, but perhaps it has got you thinking: Why are gift-cards so popular? What dra...

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  • Free* Giftcards

    Free* Giftcards

    11th of June, 2020

    Many companies will offer voucher and gift-card incentives to switch to their product or use their services. If you would prefer the cash - then simply sell it or switch it with Cardyard.Everyone loves a freebie – but it can ...

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  • Shops open – be safe and be saving!

    Shops open – be safe and be saving!

    10th of June, 2020

    Non-essential shops are set to open in a few days, and whilst that’s great news for some of us, others are not so sure. So how do you make the most of the situation, whilst staying safe? Our shopping suggestions - to be safe and save more Be safe: Pay a...

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  • Happy Father’s Day! (Competition)

    Happy Father’s Day! (Competition)

    5th of June, 2020

    Thanks to COVID-19, this year dads everywhere are bracing themselves for Father’s Day gifts that will be…interesting. Will it be a slap-dash super-market purchase, a garden-centre bag of compost or a homemade attempt at fine-dining in the back yard? One thing is certain – they won...

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  • Supporting Independent Shops

    Supporting Independent Shops

    1st of June, 2020

    High Five the High Street! We all want to support the independents. It’s so on-trend, and also so vital. We are all trying to support our local shops. As shops are opening up in our towns and communities, our attention is on how to help the local indep...

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  • Turn your birthday giftcards back into cash

    Turn your birthday giftcards back into cash

    29th of May, 2020

    We've all heard this at some time in our lives: "Happy birthday to you!"Here’s a giftcard too "I know you probably don’t want it - but I didn't know what else to do" Does this ring any bells with you? You may have read it in a ...

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