Marks & Spencers Credit Vouchers

We no longer accept Credit Vouchers.

Marks and Spencer Credit Vouchers look like till receipts with a value, expiry date, 24 numeric code and barcode. They can only be used in-store and not online, and expire 12 months from issue. They can be used to purchase items of lesser value, when the balance is given as a new Credit Voucher but with the same expiry date.

Because the format is a paper receipt, they are susceptible to damage so extra care is needed.

When are Credit Vouchers issued:

Credit Vouchers are issued when a returned item is outside of the M&S returns policy. Consequently they are issued out of goodwill, are not guaranteed by the store, and are not transferable. The way returns work: Marks & Spencer will issue a refund for an item returned within 35 days. Returns accompanied with a receipt are eligible for cash refunds which are made through the original payment method such as credit card or gift card. Returns without a receipt but with proof of purchase are outside of the returns policy and are refunded with a Credit Voucher.

11th of June, 2016More blog posts