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  • Who buys gift cards at full price any more?

    Who buys gift cards at full price any more?

    5th of October, 2020

    Does anyone buy full price gift-cards these days? Well it seems quite a few of us do. And some people even buy them for MORE than full price. Check this out – a quick search just found a “one for all” gift card valued at 50 Euros – on sale at £50 GBP (at today’s exchange r...

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  • ​ Birthday Bonanza in Autumn!

    ​ Birthday Bonanza in Autumn!

    2nd of October, 2020

    Did you know that most babies are born in September and early *October? Obviously this also means that most people have birthdays in September and early October, and that can mean it’s an extra-expensive time of year. Need to buy for an October birthday? ...

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  • Halloween Giftcard Competition

    Halloween Giftcard Competition

    2nd of October, 2020

    Turf out the traditional this Halloween! With so many people under lockdown, others who are missing loved ones, and all of us facing vast changes in our lives, it can seem like an inappropriate move to go “trick or treating”. After all, it’s not great to knock on neighbours’ doors if the...

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  • Watching out for the best gift card deals

    Watching out for the best gift card deals

    25th of September, 2020

    News from our customers: Mr. Moeed M is a watch collector. He’s been collecting watches for many years and enjoys his hobby appreciating a whole range of time pieces, from the high-end brands like Rolex and Omega, to small independent brands like NOMOS. Moeed certa...

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  • ​  Hack your university life in 2020, for safety, cash and fun!

    ​ Hack your university life in 2020, for safety, cash and fun!

    18th of September, 2020

    University students everywhere are getting ready to head off to their hallowed halls of learning. But this year it’s all going to be very different. You’ll still want to enjoy yourself, and get to meet people - so how are you going to cope? Won’t you have to spend a fortune if you need...

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  • ​ What did YOU do this memorable summer?

    ​ What did YOU do this memorable summer?

    7th of September, 2020

    How was summer for you? Whatever you did, this summer is going to be memorable. For so many reasons. Whether you… Embraced solitary walks in unexplored countryside, or discovered new areas of your town? Bought a puppy, rescued a dog or cat from ...

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  • "Be More Business" - Part 2

    "Be More Business" - Part 2

    28th of August, 2020

    Following on from our series on how to make money and how to save money. Part 1 is here:

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  • “Be More Business” – Part 1

    “Be More Business” – Part 1

    24th of August, 2020

    How to take the secrets of every successful business, and apply them to yourself, to boost your cash! We all need more cash, especially at the moment. But what is it that you need to do? After all, there are only so many hours in a week, and if you’re an employee you know exactly how m...

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  • Retail Therapy – needed so much right now!

    Retail Therapy – needed so much right now!

    14th of August, 2020

    2020 – Nobody needs to tell you it’s been a tough year. Lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, illness… it’s bound to be getting to all of us. At least we still have retail therapy … Retail therapy for individuals If, like most p...

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  • QUIZ:  Discover your shopping style

    QUIZ: Discover your shopping style

    5th of August, 2020

    Which type of shopper are YOU? When it comes to shopping are you a Pragmatic, Indulgence, Experience or Freestyle shopper? There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our shopping habits. What with mask-wearing in shops, the “eat out to help ...

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