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  • Black Friday Discounts

    Black Friday Discounts

    27th of November, 2015

    Black Friday is here today, gone tomorrow. Don't despair, you can make savings throughout the year thanks to Cardyard. Buy discounted gift cards and save money in the shops. Sell or exchange unwanted gift cards to get funds for that purchase.

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  • Sell your gift cards

    Sell your gift cards

    26th of November, 2015

    Customers are selling their unwanted gift cards to Cardyard and getting their money quickly.We've been able to verify our customer's gift cards on the same day we've received them. We've also been able to pay our customers within a week so no messing around waiting to get their cas...

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  • Data analysis leads to first price change

    Data analysis leads to first price change

    14th of November, 2015

    A review of activity has lead to a tweaking of the pricing algorithm, and all prices have changed. Overall the discounts have reduced which is good news for those selling us their gift cards.The most expensive cards relative to face value are Amazon, Asda, and Three. You get the be...

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  • We love feedback

    We love feedback

    11th of November, 2015

    We've been getting valuable feedback on our new website. Whatever your opinion on our business, we want to hear it.Whether it be something confusing, a lack of information, or the way we price the cards and their availability, get in touch. If you have signed up use the chat icon (...

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  • Thank you!

    Thank you!

    10th of November, 2015

    I'd like to thank you all. A big thanks for all your kind words yesterday. That goes to all who have supported Cardyard from conception, and those new to Cardyard.Plus a special thank you to our first customer Andy from Windsor. Andy bought a discounted gift card and will ...

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  • Launch!


    9th of November, 2015 launchesThe Cardyard website is now fully operational allowing members of the public to sell unwanted gift cards and make purchases of discounted gift cards.At launch the site had a small stock of major shops available for purchase. Cards from sixty differen...

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  • Cardyard on the road

    Cardyard on the road

    14th of October, 2015

    Mike Hayman, Founder of Cardyard, poses with a Cardyard poster at the neon lights near Eros in London, at the junction of Piccadilly and Shaftsbury Avenue.Tourists and Londoners were curious to know what it's about. Launch date is approaching and soon everyone will be able to excha...

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  • Go live!

    Go live!

    1st of July, 2015

    Beta testing beginsThe Cardyard website is now fully featured and ready for testing. People are being invited to try out the site and give feedback.Over the coming weeks the site will undergo rigorous testing and focus groups will be engaged to help iron out any glitches.

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