Save BIG With Cardyard This Summer

Cardyard is one of the UK’s hottest new ways to make huge savings across hundreds of large and small UK shops, ranging anywhere from beauty and fashion to travel and leisure.

As it’s summer time in the UK and we are always looking to find ways to help you get the most out of your money, here’s a summary of some of the biggest savings you can make this summer by purchasing a Cardyard gift card.


As a company, Virgin offers a whole host of amazing products and services that can make your summer truly awesome. In particular, their airline and travel company can find you a great deal on trips abroad - and, to make things even better, we can offer you a further 15% off a £500 Virgin gift card. This equates to £75 towards your next summer holiday, absolutely free.

Virgin Experience Days

Purchase a Virgin Experience days card with 30% off - a saving of £15 off a £50 gift card. This allows you to partake in a massive variety of adventure days from spa and beauty treatments to food and drink to thrill-seeking, all across the UK, at a fraction of the original cost.

Sunglass Hut

Any summertime day out in the UK or abroad wouldn’t be complete without a stylish new pair of designer sunglasses. The Sunglass Hut has you covered, and we can do one better by offering £18 off a £90 gift card - a 20% saving before you even set foot in the store.


If you want to get the rest of your wardrobe summer ready, then there are few better places to do exactly that than by visiting Superdry. They have clothes and accessories for people of all ages and offer the best in quality and design. With 15% off a £41.98 gift card, there’s never been a better time to head into one of their stores.


With a holiday coming up, no doubt you’ll be looking forward to long hours spent around the pool enjoying the sun, and one way to get the most out of your time away and truly relax is with a good book or two. We have savings of 20% off our entire range of gift cards from £10 to £250.

Be sure to check out our full range of gift cards that can be spent all year round, and enjoy your summer to the fullest - you deserve it.


25th of July, 2017More blog posts