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  • ​ What did YOU do this memorable summer?

    ​ What did YOU do this memorable summer?

    7th of September, 2020

    How was summer for you? Whatever you did, this summer is going to be memorable. For so many reasons. Whether you… Embraced solitary walks in unexplored countryside, or discovered new areas of your town? Bought a puppy, rescued a dog or cat from ...

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  • "Be More Business" - Part 2

    "Be More Business" - Part 2

    28th of August, 2020

    Following on from our series on how to make money and how to save money. Part 1 is here:

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  • “Be More Business” – Part 1

    “Be More Business” – Part 1

    24th of August, 2020

    How to take the secrets of every successful business, and apply them to yourself, to boost your cash! We all need more cash, especially at the moment. But what is it that you need to do? After all, there are only so many hours in a week, and if you’re an employee you know exactly how m...

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  • Retail Therapy – needed so much right now!

    Retail Therapy – needed so much right now!

    14th of August, 2020

    2020 – Nobody needs to tell you it’s been a tough year. Lockdowns, quarantines, travel restrictions, illness… it’s bound to be getting to all of us. At least we still have retail therapy … Retail therapy for individuals If, like most p...

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  • QUIZ:  Discover your shopping style

    QUIZ: Discover your shopping style

    5th of August, 2020

    Which type of shopper are YOU? When it comes to shopping are you a Pragmatic, Indulgence, Experience or Freestyle shopper? There’s no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our shopping habits. What with mask-wearing in shops, the “eat out to help ...

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  • We've got buyers waiting for your Giftcards

    We've got buyers waiting for your Giftcards

    31st of July, 2020

    Make your plastic cash-tastic. Got an Amazon, M&S or John Lewis giftcard in your pocket? We’ve got buyers ready and waiting! When it comes to fast-selling giftcards, Amazon is the leader! With John Lewis and Marks & Spencers giftcards hot on its heels. ...

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  • Got a Giftcard? Bank it!

    Got a Giftcard? Bank it!

    24th of July, 2020

    Bank it! On practically every game show these day’s there’s the invitation to “bank it”. It tends to mean: Save what you’ve got so far. Capture your winnings. Don’t let them get away! And because we all HATE to lose anything, it’s a rea...

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  • Gifted Giftcard Hack

    Gifted Giftcard Hack

    17th of July, 2020

    Monday: So, I‘ve been working really hard lately. - Well done you.And the company rewarded me… - Excellent.Sounds like a great company With a gift card! - Cool! For a really substantial amoun...

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  • ​  Shopping Smarter 3: time and space continuum.

    ​ Shopping Smarter 3: time and space continuum.

    13th of July, 2020

    The third and final part in the shopping smarter 2020 series. You’ve done a lot of hard work this summer. Well done! Working from home whilst juggling family duties is no easy feat. Like most of us, Lockdown means you may have gained more time – no trave...

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  • Top 10 Giftcards UK

    Top 10 Giftcards UK

    9th of July, 2020

    The most popular giftcards in the UK today! Top giftcard exchange site, Cardyard, is perfectly poised to know which gift cards are the most popular, and based on last year’s sales, and current performance, here they are: AmazoniTunes...

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