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  • Essential response updates to COVID-19

    Essential response updates to COVID-19

    18th of March, 2020

    Dear Cardyard member Like many other companies, we are putting in lots of measures to protect both you, our customers, and our staff. We thought it would be useful to share a few of our practices. Safety: According to WHO (1) the COVID 19 virus can last...

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  • Giftie


    12th of March, 2020

    Are you a Giftie? -have you ever bought a gift-card for yourself? If you have – congratulations! You’re in great company. According to the UK’s main gift card association, people buying gift cards for their own use made up more than 20% of the whole mark...

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  • Summer can be spendy - and here’s how to get some cash for it

    Summer can be spendy - and here’s how to get some cash for it

    2nd of March, 2020

    As we head into British springtime, many young people may be considering what they are going to do for their summer holidays. Perhaps they are considering a holiday, or time spent with family. They will certainly be thinking of taking it easy for a few weeks, with no school, no college and hopef...

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  • Black Friday Planner

    Black Friday Planner

    13th of November, 2019

    Black Friday is taking place on 29thNovember and will go on for the weekend through to Cyber Monday on 2nd December when the biggest discounts get applied. However, not all items get the full discount so its a bit of a gamble whether to wait till the Monday. This year...

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  • Cardyard is UK Number One for Service, Reliability and Security

    Cardyard is UK Number One for Service, Reliability and Security

    8th of February, 2019

    Consistently has best customer rating in the industry. Like you, we’ve seen speculation circulating online about Zeek’s financial position. While we don’t want to comment on that, we do want to reassure our customers on several points: G...

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  • Mike Pitches Cardyard at Exeter's LikeMinds festival

    Mike Pitches Cardyard at Exeter's LikeMinds festival

    3rd of October, 2018

    Mike pitched Cardyard to 300 delegates at Drew Ellis' Like Minds festival in Exeter. The £6bn UK giftcard market is part of a global industry that will reach US$750bn worldwide by 2026. Too many people hold onto unspent giftcards which could exp...

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  • Cardyard appoints Lathwell & Associates

    Cardyard appoints Lathwell & Associates

    3rd of October, 2018

    We are delighted to confirm Lathwell & Associates (L&A) as our Marketing, Design & PR agency. L&A have a wealth of experience helping businesses develop their brands and communicate them to the public. Following a comprehensive and wel...

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  • New logo and tagline

    New logo and tagline

    21st of September, 2018

    With our new logo comes the tagline UK's top gift card exchange. You can sell to us the broadest range of gift cards from all the major retailers including iTunes, Marks & Spencer and Tesco. We offer top rates of cash for your unwanted gift ca...

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  • Enter codes with no need to post cards - Amazon & iTunes

    Enter codes with no need to post cards - Amazon & iTunes

    10th of September, 2018

    There is no longer any need to post physical Amazon and iTunes cards when selling them on Cardyard. You now enter the redeem codes (claim code according to Amazon) into Cardyard when listing them on the site. For more information see

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  • Recharge yourself during the hot summer sporting mayhem

    11th of July, 2018

    There has never been a better time to sell your unwanted Amazon and iTunes vouchers for cash. To help recharge your wallet during the summer mayhem, we are paying 90% face value for Amazon gift vouchers, and 80% for unwanted iTunes cards. We will hold these rates until the end of July.

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