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  • Save money by buying a discounted gift card – the hassle-free way

    Save money by buying a discounted gift card – the hassle-free way

    27th of June, 2016

    Buying a discounted gift card or voucher is a great way to save money at your favourite stores or websites. Better still, when you buy a discounted card or voucher from Cardyard you can buy with confidence because: Cardyard gift cards and vouchers are Validated

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  • Current Discounts

    Current Discounts

    12th of May, 2016

    Here is a selection of savings you can make using discounted gift cards from Cardyard. For example, don't pay for iTunes or Apple Music with a credit card, use a discounted gift card and save 20%...33% off Red Letter Days

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  • Easter cover

    Easter cover

    24th of March, 2016

    There will be limited customer service over the Easter Break. Any cards purchased that require posting will not be sent out until Wednesday 30th March. eGifts should be sent the next day.Happy Easter!

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  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    1st of January, 2016

    A Happy New Year to all our customers. May you have a healthy and successful 2016!

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  • Christmas times

    Christmas times

    26th of December, 2015

    We will be responding to customers over the Christmas and New Year period, so keep sending in your gift cards and using the website.

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  • What would you like for Christmas?

    What would you like for Christmas?

    7th of December, 2015

    Each year, the US division of Deloitte carries out a survey covering the holiday period. Their 2015 report states, yet again, the most desired Christmas pr...

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  • A Gift Card for the Doctor

    A Gift Card for the Doctor

    29th of November, 2015

    Which gift card should you give a Time Lord? Emerging from his confession dial after 2 billion years, the Doctor's relief at returning home to Galifry must have been tinged with concern over his gift cards. Would they have expired? Well of course, it depends on which ones he has....

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  • Black Friday Discounts

    Black Friday Discounts

    27th of November, 2015

    Black Friday is here today, gone tomorrow. Don't despair, you can make savings throughout the year thanks to Cardyard. Buy discounted gift cards and save money in the shops. Sell or exchange unwanted gift cards to get funds for that purchase.

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  • Sell your gift cards

    Sell your gift cards

    26th of November, 2015

    Customers are selling their unwanted gift cards to Cardyard and getting their money quickly.We've been able to verify our customer's gift cards on the same day we've received them. We've also been able to pay our customers within a week so no messing around waiting to get their cas...

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  • Data analysis leads to first price change

    Data analysis leads to first price change

    14th of November, 2015

    A review of activity has lead to a tweaking of the pricing algorithm, and all prices have changed. Overall the discounts have reduced which is good news for those selling us their gift cards.The most expensive cards relative to face value are Amazon, Asda, and Three. You get the be...

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