About Us

Cardyard is the new place to buy, sell, and exchange Gift Cards. For more information see the How It Works pages.

Mike Hayman

After selling his previous company, Mike founded Cardyard in June 2012

"I'm lucky enough to have found a great group of people to work on my business dream and website. I'm passionate about having a highly regarded company with excellent customer service. "

Cristian Stanescu
Chief Tech

With over 10 years experience building and managing websites, Cristian came on board to write the first line of code.

"I'm designing and building the website using the latest technology and techniques. I believe in creating robust and scalable solutions. "

Sue Haswell
Strategy & PR

Sue has a proven track record delivering marketing and PR campaigns over many years.

"Business and personal growth are my passions. I believe Cardyard will become the go-to website for discount shoppers and gift card trading. "

Darren Stuart
App Developer

Darren has been building web based solutions for over 15 years.

"I care about making technology work for business. I'm building the mobile app that will bring together the user and Cardyard with maximum efficacy. Did I really say efficacy? "

Zamira Drew

Zamira has a strong background in design agency work, creative design and business.

"I do the naming and branding design for the website. I love working with startups and I'm determined to make the website and company stand out and create a memorable and easy to recognise brand. "