About us

Cardyard is the new place to buy, sell, and exchange Gift Cards. For more information see the How It Works pages.

Mike Hayman

After selling his previous company, Mike founded Cardyard in June 2012

"I'm lucky enough to have found a great group of people to work on my business dream and website. I'm passionate about having a highly regarded company with excellent customer service. "

Lea Knobbe
Head of Ops

Lea has a wealth of business experience having run her own company, and assisted company board directors

"My role is ensuring a smooth operation including gift processing end to end and ensuring the care of our sellers and buyers. Customer satisfaction is my key goal and passion. "

Demi Gould
Customer Care

Demi is the engine of our operation, and every card we buy and sell has at some point been processed by Demi

"I bring years of experience in customer care and social media and enjoy applying them at Cardyard. I love being part of a growing company with a unique service and great customers. "

We are
indebted to..

With great thanks to those who got Cardyard to where it is, and continue to provide assistance...

Cristian, Chief Tech, who is the greatest technical designer and writes the cleanest code.
Marie, Marketing, imposed professional rigour making everything measurable.
Sue, Strategy & PR, developed business strategy and setup our original Social Media accounts.
Darren, Mobile App Development, created and published our first mobile app.
Zamira, Web Design, naming and branding.