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Terms and conditions of use, incorporating Use of Website, Supply of Services and the Privacy Policy


By using this site you are agreeing to comply with and be bound by the clauses detailed here. If you do not agree, you must not obtain goods, services or products from this site. If you buy or sell on this site and are dishonest, you will allow us to reclaim any money paid to you plus legal fees.


"Site" shall mean the website www.cardyard.co.uk

"Terms and Conditions of use" shall mean the clauses and details in this webpage/document and that of Use of Website Terms, Supply of Services Terms and the Privacy Policy, and are synonymous with "Agreement"

"Us/We" shall mean Cardyard Ltd and any representative, employee, agent, affiliate or officer thereof. Us/We does not include you, nor a member nor a user of the website.

"Member" shall mean you, following the joining of this site by registering your details for the purposes of logging in.

"Gift Card" shall mean any Gift Card, Voucher, or other pre-paid instrument be it physical or electronic and can be or has been traded on this website.

"Use of Website Terms" are defined in the webpage use of website terms and refer to the use of this website.

"Supply of Services Terms" are defined in the webpage supply of services terms and refer to the provision of gift cards and vouchers that are purchased on this website, and the payment of money or credit for sale of the same.

"Privacy Policy" is defined in the webpage privacy policy and protects members.


The Terms and Conditions of Use, Provision of Services, and Privacy Policy are clearly defined and can be read by following the links above or below:

Your use and engagement with this website are inextricably linked with the clauses written on this website, and you agree, comply, and accept them. If you do not agree with the previous statement you must not use this website.

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