2021 – rhymes with FUN!!!!


2020 it’s been a year full of challenges.

We all know that. We all get it. From March onwards we’ve struggled as individuals, as families, as societies and as a species.

It’s a time that will not be forgotten in a hurry. And our hearts go out to everyone who has suffered.

So thank goodness we can soon move on to 2021. It’s not going to be a walk in the park, but it has promise. It has the possibility of being OK again. Maybe even better than before?

And even when you say the numbers out loud 2021 – rhymes with FUN!!!!

Here are some of the fun awareness days between now and spring that we can look forward to next year:

Fun awareness days of 2021

Let’s start with January – 3rd to be precise. It’s the festival of SLEEP day! So roll back under the duvet and grab some essential zzz’s

January 21st is National Giftcard Day (yeah, we just made that up, but it’s usually around the busiest day of the year for Cardyard – as it seems to be the time when people realise that they would rather have the cash than the giftcard, actually!)

Winnie the Pooh day is on the 18th January – celebrating the birthday of AA Milne (It’s also Brew Monday – so grab a cuppa and snuggle up with your favourite Pooh Bear tale)

14th February – Valentines day – of course.

British Pie week is March 1st.Who doesn’t love a pie?

Comic Relief is 17th March.Book the TV for it now – except you don’t have to because we’ll all be watching.

Spring equinox is 20th March – the day when day and night is of equal length all over the world (equinox is literally Latin for “equal nights”).

Yes, things might not be 100% back to normal by Springtime 2021, but they are likely to be on their way. And in the meantime, there are loads of fab and fun awareness days to enjoy. We’ve only scratched the surface, there are many more.

And remember – if you want the extra cash to make the most of any of these – sell us your giftcards!

You don’t have to just do it on National Giftcard Day either – we’re open 363 days of the year!

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