Mum’s the word - Seven savvy mother’s day ideas!


We all know our mums* are amazing, and most of us really want to mark the day for them, by giving them a treat.But what if our wallets aren’t quite on the same page?

Nobody wants to spend money they haven’t got** so here’s are our seven options for a low-cost or next-to-free Mother’s Day event to impress your mum.

Mother's Day for less than a fiver

1. Offer your services for the day.Whatever your mum needs, from a full-house vacuum, to a tech-overhaul, or just to water the plants, walk the dog, and clean out the fish-tank.Offer her your time, and take the stress off her.Take photos of you doing the work, so she’ll have the memory forever.

2. Can’t be there on the day?Send her a “time-voucher”.You could even create a book of vouchers for her to spend with you next time you’re around.

3.Say it with flowers – but for a fraction of the cost. A few plant pots, compost and some seeds can cost very little, so although she may have to wait and cut them herself, she knows the thought is there. Get together with some mates and buy a selection of seeds that bloom across the year, so all your mums can have flowers all year round

4. Write a poem, or a piece of prose for her. Loads of writing courses online, or just watch a how-to on Youtube.

4(a) Remember to post it on your social media of her choice (she might not be quite as into TikTok as you are)

5. Buy your mum a tiny box of luxury chocolates (Hotel Chocolat - yummy!) run her luxurious bubble bath (everyone has a few essential oils knocking around, just pop a few drops in) and set up some scented candles. Hook your phone/tablet to YouTube and play her favourite sound tracks from the other side of the door.

6. Raid the freezer and create a picnic – and take your mum on a mystery day out. For a super-cute move - arrange to go back to a favourite or even childhood place to relive the memories with her. (Warning; pay attention to the age-signs on this one – your mum will probably have more fun sitting on a park bench with a sandwich, reminiscing with you, than trying to explain to the park warden why her 30-year-old son is in the sand-pit)

7. Paint her a picture! Remember how our mums used to LOVE those pictures from school – so much they put them on the fridge? You could even supply her with a few magnets to help along the way.

So – you’ve now got a stack of ideas for no money – but how about if you want to push the boat out?

Mother's day for £More (because you just sold your giftcards through Cardyard!)

Of course, you might want to splash the cash anyway – a cultural trip – theatre, museum, opera… or all the above! And in that case perhaps you’d like to have a bit more cash in your wallet.Well here’s how – simply check your wallet for gift-cards and then sell them on Cardyard to release the cash!

(And you can also buy vouchers from Cardyard to spend*** on your mum too)

More ideas for money-free-mothers-day? Post them on our social media.

PS: A few things we thought we'd clear up:

*By “mum” we’re really meaning “everyone-who-has-ever-acted-like-a-mum to us”.Sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, grans, neighbours, dads, guardians… We’re acknowledging that "being a mum” can be more an attitude, a state of mind and kind behaviour than anything else.

**to be fair, very few of us like to spend the money we *have* got

*** make sure you spend the vouchers, don’t give the vouchers – our Cardyard vouchers are designed for spending not gifting!

And finally - the actual Mother's Day date UK - is 27th March (so plenty of time to get selling and buying your giftcards)

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