– extend your reach – and get 12% off!*


Always been a fan of Amazon but not stretched into the zone of Amazon (dot) com yet? Well here’s your invitation.

Cardyard has a stock of cards which, right now, are an EVEN BETTER deal than

Added to the exciting cost savings of using a card from Cardyard, often has new products before the UK gets them. So, you can get hold of the latest gizmos or fashions before your friends, and at a fraction of the price here in the UK.

Currently we have a stock available at 12% discount* - so a 100 dollar (USD) card is just 88 USD dollars.

BIG products – or bulk buying:

You can buy from the site and use a shipping forwarder. (Just google " shipping forwarder" – and you’ll get a load of them)

DIGITAL products:**

You can buy from on digital products – eg: music, video, books, downloads.Often these are much cheaper on the USA site too

SMALLER products

For example: small items, trinkets, pens, or jewellery – often the postage can be comparable to buying these in the UK.

So – head over to an site to see what goodies you can get, then pick up your cards at


These cards are for the US branch of Amazon ( They CANNOT be used at

Prices and saving rates vary depending on stock availability.

Cards are subject to availability.

**Make sure your technology is compatible before you buy

26th of March, 2020More blog posts