​ Amazon giftcards – popular, flexible and also cash-able.


Amazon giftcards are probably the most popular giftcards of the year so far, according to Cardyard.

Get it all with an Amazon Giftcard

With Amazon selling everything from weekly shopping to flowers, from stationery and tech to hobbies and toys, gardening equipment and even greenhouses, it’s the ideal place to look for your needs.It’s also the ideal giftcard for people to buy for each other.

Are you a "Keep it Local" shopper?

However, some people are a little more “locally minded” and would rather spend their gift cash in a local shop or with a local supplier.And if that’s the case – remember you can switch up your Amazon Giftcard, your Amazon egiftcard or Amazon voucher on Cardyard, then take the cash and splash it locally.

Or are you more Online Bargain-Buyer?

And whilst we’re talking about Amazon and their fantastic online marketplace, remember eBay – for buying brilliant bargains!

(Remember it’s against eBay's terms and conditions to sell giftcards* and even if you choose to chance it, they have no balance checks on reselling giftcards - unlike Cardyard who checks every single giftcard).

eBay is still certainly a great place to grab a bargain, or to get some instant cash from selling your unwanted gear during or after Covid. Whether it be exercise bikes or jigsaws, chances are you won’t want these things hanging around when we all get out of #Lockdown.

So – again – free your gift-card cash on Cardyard, and check out eBay for your next bargain, perhaps some deckchairs for your staycation, or a cooler box for a beach picnic.

*It’s against eBay’s T&C’s to sell giftcards https://www.ebay.co.uk/help/policies/prohibited-restricted-items/vouchers-policy?id=4292

19th of February, 2021More blog posts