ARE YOU a #GiftCardLoser?


It’s OK, we won’t tell anyone. But it’s time to find out. Did you actually spend that old giftcard? Or have you let it expire in your wallet or purse? Go on - have a check right now.

Every year more than £300 MILLION simply disappears in unwanted, unspent and expired giftcards! It’s a shocking statistic and it needs to stop!

That’s over £300 Million worth of kind gifts that are given by friends and family. And for a number of reasons, we don't appreciate them - because WE let these giftcards expire. The vanishing gift that never materialises.

Some of the reasons we don't claim our giftcards

  • It may be because we don’t have time to go shopping
  • We can’t get to the store,
  • We forget about them completely
  • Or just forget their expiry date
  • We lose them
  • We want to save up and add more cash to the giftcard
  • We just don’t like the retailer.

But, whatever the reason, the giftcard runs out of time. And frankly, that kind gift - well we might as well throw it straight into the bin.

There is another way - you don't have to be a #GiftcardLoser

Cardyard will buy your unwanted giftcards from you and you can release the cash!Right now we could all do with the extra few quid, so come on over to Cardyard and become a #GiftCardWinner!

Don’t be a #GiftCardLoser!

27th of November, 2020More blog posts