Black Friday Giftcard Hack


It may have its origins in USA, but Black Friday is here in the UK to stay.

According to Wikipedia, in the USA, as from 1952, Christmas shopping started in earnest in the days after Thanksgiving, when hordes of shoppers and traffic would descend into the city of Philadelphia.A few decades later it became known as “Black Friday”, possibly linked to the day when many retailers would start to make a profit – “going into the black, out of the red”.

Black Friday is now Black November in 2020

And Black Friday – here in the UK - was originally the name given to the Friday before Christmas, by the Police and NHS services.People were renowned for going out and drinking too much, creating a higher demand for the emergency services to deal with.

Now Black Friday is all about the Bargains!

For the past 10 years or so, since Amazon launched Black Friday in the UK, it’s started to gain more and more traction here.And now in 2020, it’s even more likely to be an online event for many people – and news reports show it’s going to last for longer than just one day!

This year, Friday 27th November, is also the last payday before Christmas when any meaningful gift shopping can be done.

Retailers all over the country are hopping onto this bandwagon.For those with expendable income, and perhaps who have just got paid, Black Friday means bargains.And if it’s mostly online, then perhaps this year it will, for once, not mean getting black-eyes from being elbowed.

So, who’s participating in Black Friday?

Retailers including Amazon, Curry’s PC World, John Lewis, Boots, Game, Halfords, GAP, H Samuel and Argos

A full list is here:

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