​ Bookshops are booming, here’s how you can save cash.


Last week we heard on the radio that independent book shops across the UK are having a boom time in book sales. Apparently, their Christmas book sales seem to have been brought forwards, as stores are reporting the sorts of levels of book sales that they would normally see in December when people are buying Christmas gifts.

Of course this is good news – after all, we all love a book store.And they are such a brilliant part of the community – it’s good to know that they are thriving at the moment at least.

The radio report went on to say that the book sellers were speculating that perhaps it’s because shoppers are buying books whilst they can – before the impending lockdown. And that it’s because they value their local retailers. Books offer a time of escape, and that’s also super-valuable at any time during 2020 it seems.

And yet, many of us in the UK are also having a tough time. We are working out how to make Christmas special this year, when so much is very different.And for so many of us, the ability to buy gifts early, whilst appealing, may not be possible if the cash isn’t available.

So, if you want to get in there early and make sure you have the perfect gift for your loved ones, how can you make the most of every £pound?

Would a 10% or even 20% off your purchases be useful?

Here’s how you can save cash with gift cards:

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Of course other book sellers are available, and you can get 10% off a One4All giftcard, which covers numerous retailers.Simply buy the giftcards first – and then use them to pay for your gifts.

Because what’s better than escaping into a book? Escaping into a book that’s got 20% off! Use the extra to treat yourself to an indulgent hot chocolate whilst shopping! Or buy yourself the book you really want too

2nd of November, 2020More blog posts