Cardyard is Brilliant for Business


Running a business? Or working for a company that rewards you with giftcards - here's how cardyard can be brilliant for businesses too!

First - meet Lea

Lea is Head of Operations and Fraud Prevention for Cardyard.Just like all the team, she really enjoys working for our fast-moving and dynamic company.

Originally from Holland, Lea has worked at Cardyard for 2 ½ years.

“At Cardyard, we’re frequently asked by people who get card systems, or vouchers as rewards at work, to convert them into cash.Recently we were approached by a customer who had 100 x £1 complement vouchers, if we could convert them.He ended up sending us 100 x £10 vouchers, which we were able to convert into cash”.

Perfect for businesses who give rewards as gift-cards.

“We are also seeing an increase in directors and sales people, who are getting rewards in the form of a giftcard, but they actually don’t want to use that particular giftcard.So they send them to us, and then they can get cash or buy other giftcards, so they can use them for something that they actually do want.

“For example, one of the key giftcards we get asked for to convert into cash, are Currys, Halfords, John Lewis, Tesco’s – and these are very popular on the website.
It’s very good for the seller and the buyer – for the seller, because the seller gets cash so they can buy something they really want.And the buyer gets a gift card that they really want – at a discount.

“It’s a great thing to do to exchange gift cards to save money.

“We get approached by big companies who also want to change their reward points into vouchers for their teams.

Here's Lea's video:

Lea at Cardyard

“Cardyard offers a great opportunity to change your reward points into vouchers.Then sell them on Cardyard and we’ll give you the cash”.

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