British Bargain Hunters Bag Latest Fashions


There is surely not a person in the whole of the British Isles who doesn’t love the sense of satisfaction to be gained from bagging a bargain when they go clothes shopping.When someone compliments you on what you are wearing - and you secretly know that your on-trend outfit cost you a lot less that other people paid - it’s hard not to let a smug smile creep onto your face.

Some folk even make a virtue out of hunting down discounts then wearing their bargain finding credentials with the same pride as the clothes themselves! According to one survey, four out of five people love to brag about things they bought at bargain prices.

Thanks to financial and political uncertainty, we are currently living in austere times. Everyone – even those in well-paid jobs – is aware that your financial situation could change at any moment. Which means as a nation, we need to keep control over our spending habits.

Bargain hunting has, therefore, become more of a national sport than ever before.

Low prices, but cutting-edge clothes

Let’s face it – you want to be frugal, but fashionable, right?

Being thrifty and staying loyal to your favourite brands of clothes can be a challenge. You could well find yourself wishing the sales at your favourite high street store came around more regularly.

Do you realise though, that you could enjoy a discount at many clothing stores, all year round?

How to get a fashion bargain with very little effort

Sale spotting, queuing all night for deals, rooting around charity shops or visiting outlet villages is all very well. But what if you want to grab something stylish and on-trend, at a discount, with little or no effort?

Fortunately, that’s where Cardyard can help. Scoop up gift cards for less than their face value, then go shopping knowing you have a really good deal.

It is that easy. You get genuine vouchers to use in store for around 15-20% less than their face value because Cardyard buys them up from people who don’t want them. This gives you more clothes for your money.

Gap, River Island and Zara are just three of the well-known fashion labels you can shop with extra cash to spend, thanks to discounted gift cards currently listed on our site. So take a look now and get yourself a bargain.



19th of June, 2017More blog posts