Did someone call TIME on saving cash?


Drooling over a bargain? Don’t you just adore saving money?

If you are anything like me and my friends, the answer is a resounding YES YES YES!

Last weekend we spent time with our friends – let’s call them Jane and Jake - who happen to be the richest people we know. I mean their house is a mansion (they bought it at the right time, and have done it up) and they have climbed the corporate ladders into some very (I mean VERY) well paid jobs.

They drive top-of the range cars (electric Jags to be precise – one white, one silver) which they drive through their remote-controlled electric gates and up their personal tree-lined drive.

Yup - they are seriously loaded.And yet – despite all this they LOVE a bargain.

They shop at the bargain stores, buy food that’s nearly past it’s best-before-date and their children don’t even know what a designer brand is. They will save money wherever they can, and that simply means they have more to spend where they want to spend it, or rather to save for another day/car/mansion.

I told them about Cardyard – and they were positively drooling.

Jane was “I mean - oooh bargain gift-cards.Cheap gift vouchers!Ways to save money and yes – make money!Let me at it!”

Jake was busy on his calculator working out how much he could have saved off his new watch had he used a Cardyard 8% discounted giftcard.

The ONLY thing is, I explained. “A Cardyard card is NOT for life. If you buy it you have GOT to spend it – and fast!”.

“You only have 42 days to spend that giftcard, so you have simply got to be really savvy about it” I said.

“And NO buying giftcards to give to others!” I expanded. “That way is trouble, because people think there’s 12 months on a card, but there never is. You’ve got to buy them to use them yourselves”

Well, if my friends are anything (as well as rich of course) they are savvy. They got it. And although it’s only Wednesday now, I know they are already on the case buying and spending to save even more. (I know this because I just saw the photos, and the kids seem to have discovered designer brands now too!)

Save MONEY – but don’t hoard the card!

We all love the buzz of bagging bargains, and that’s exactly what Cardyard is all about!

Because saving money matters even more now than ever before!So if there’s a chance to save a bit – bring it on!

But remember, even if you are saving cash – there are other factors that do need to be taken into account.

Like time.

Because although a Cardyard Card will save you squillions off – they don’t last forever!

most of our cards are bought within a couple days. Its the brands like PlayStation or Xbox that can take a few months as they fluctuate in demand. And remember that time goes by quickly!( gift cards needed to be used straight after purchase, ideally within 2 weeks and must be spent within the 42 day spend period.

Our "Saving Cash" recommendation:

Choose what you’ll buy before you buy it, and identify a few retailers you’re going to get it from.

Choose the giftcard that gives you the best value (different retailers have different discounts)

Then buy the gift-card.

Spend the gift card – ASAP - and within the 42 day spend period.

Remember - Spend Savvy to save cash – it’s simple.

  • Select your purchase
  • Select your card from Cardyard
  • Spend it FAST and within the 42 day spend period

8th of September, 2021More blog posts