Can I convert a gift card to cash?


Turning your giftcard back to cash is very tempting. Particularly with furlough continuing and many people wanting to cash in their assets.

Fortunately Cardyard offers a very safe, secure way to sell your giftcard on – whether it has been used in part or completely unused.

How to sell your giftcard

Through Cardyard it’s a simple process to upload your giftcard to the “Sell my giftcard” page, and be safe and secure in the knowledge that the giftcard will be checked for balance and expiry dates before it is sold. This means when you get your cash you can be certain there will be no come-back.

Gift card trading is commonplace.

In some countries there are even kiosks that will convert unused giftcards to cash. Here in the UK Gift cards can be simply sold via Cardyard online.

Buy giftcards to save cash too

Not only can you sell your giftcards to make money, you can also make your cash go even further when you pay using a reduced-price giftcard. Buy one (or several) from Cardyard to pay for your goods, online or offline.

Cardyard - shop savvy, sell safely.

22nd of March, 2021More blog posts