Is there anything, ANYTHING, you can’t buy with an Amazon giftcard?


Amazon seems to sell everything - so here is the question:

Is there anything at all, that you can’t buy with an Amazon giftcard?

This is the challenge. What on earth can you not buy at Amazon, using your Amazon giftcard? Well armed with a £25 Amazon giftcard from my lockdown birthday, I set out to explore.

First of all – what on earth do I need? Here’s my shopping list for the project

  • Greenhouse
  • Xmas dinner
  • Funky face mask
  • Moisturiser
  • Toilet paper
  • Unicorn and a rainbow*

*OK, nobody needs a unicorn.But I thought I’d stretch Amazon a little here.

How did I get on?


Easy! Small ones (£29.99) large ones 16m long for over £5000.Greenhouse heaters, thermometers, clips, shelves.

Xmas dinner

Well – although it might seem the easier option, this was far harder to find.There were crackers, plate warmers, aprons, table cloths, tea-towels and dinner sets. There were Christmas themed recipe books and sprout-flavoured after-dinner mints! But the actual meal itself, well the nearest I got was a 3-bird roast for DOGS! ( Not going to be eating that myself, but the pooch might get a treat this year!

Just to be clear – there was a meat hamper available, but that was mainly sausages and chops, no turkey! And there was even a sponsored advert for a men’s cordless hair clippers - yes, within the Christmas dinner search!

Funky face mask

Of course, as you’d expect, plenty of face masks or face coverings! Every style and colour you could want. Pattern books to make them, and all the gear you’d need. From fabrics to a sewing machine.


All the sanitiser gel is not doing good things to my hands, so moisturiser is essential. Fortunately Amazon is RAMMED with it. Any sort you like. Including a lotion for your feet at £2580 (I think that must have been a mistake). My favourite concept was “body souffle” – sounds delicious (perhaps we should have souffle for Christmas dinner?)

Toilet paper

Loads of the stuff. From a single roll up to 180 rolls (try getting those through the letterbox)

The most expensive toilet paper was from Canada, only single ply but £6081.55 for a case of it! Even toilet roll dispensers and… a toilet roll reminder and gingerbread door ornament. Hmm.

Unicorn and a rainbow

I must say, until I found the gingerbread toilet roll ornament, I truly thought that the unicorn and rainbow would be the random idea. But no - Amazon offered over 300,000 results for the unicorn and a similar number for rainbows.I’m not even going to go through those.

So – research complete.I feel certain that anything I could ever want or need would be on Amazon (and a lot more besides).

Does this make an Amazon gift-card an ideal option?

Well, if you are going to spend it immediately - hell yeah! Buy one from Cardyard and you can use it to make your money go even further on this Goliath of retailers.

As for selling us your Amazon giftcard – we get a lot of people who want to shop local, support their local stores.So if you are one of those – sell your Amazon giftcard to us now, and release the cash trapped within.

4th of November, 2020More blog posts