Cardyard - a love story


Sam wanted a new sound system.She’d shopped around and found one at Currys PC World.However it was £220 and she’d budgeted £200. She decided she was going to spend the full £220 (which she figured meant she couldn’t go out at the weekend.)

Fortunately she told her friend Zach what she was going to do. Zach showed Sam the Cardyard website, where Sam managed to snap up a bunch of Currys PC World Gift Cards that added up to £220 in total, for just £200.20*!!!

Now, with that saving, she could buy the sound system AND go out at the weekend. Sam offered Zach to a beer to say thank you. And Zach (who was really keen on Sam) decided to ask her out on a date.

They are now getting married next month. (STOPPPPP!!!!!OK, OK, that bit is not true… it really would be too much of a fairy-tale wouldn’t it?)

What actually happened is Sam said “no thanks” to Zach, but when she met the sales guy at Curry’s, he was so impressed at her great taste in music, and her savvy purchasing attitude, that they are now going steady.

Cardyard – made for love, great purchasing power, and “buying like a boss”

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* Cardyard gift card prices vary. You’ll ALWAYS make a saving, and that could be for anything between a few percent or even a whopping 15% off – depends on the card you want and what stock we have in.

25th of March, 2020More blog posts