Cardyard is UK Number One for Service, Reliability and Security

Consistently has best customer rating in the industry.

Like you, we’ve seen speculation circulating online about Zeek’s financial position. While we don’t want to comment on that, we do want to reassure our customers on several points:

  • Gift card exchanges are a great way to make and save money - by using them to sell unwanted gift cards which would otherwise lose value, and by buying discounted cards to save money when shopping.
  • But it’s still your money you’re trading, so you need to make sure the exchange you’re using is honest, solvent, reliable and secure - in short, that it has your interest at heart.
  • Recognising this, Cardyard invested from the outset in a customer-oriented business model. We have made sure that we only ever have the customer to answer to, not investors or a faceless money lender.
  • What’s more, our MD is actively involved in all our customer-facing operations, and leads the drive for total customer satisfaction with a people-led service. This means there is always a senior person communicating with you, whether you contact us through email, chat or phone. Our professional and courteous approach is deliberately designed to live up to the British reputation for integrity, politeness and efficiency.
  • Cardyard also invested from the outset in proven technology and processes that would combat fraud and ensure you are trading securely. We use the same robust software as giant companies such as Shopify and gocardless. And we are sticklers for the physical checks on cards - some of which we can only do at an actual retail outlet.
  • All of this has ensured that Cardyard operates with a positive cashflow - where our revenue is always greater than our outgoings and repayment obligations. This means we reliably pay all our customers in line with our T&Cs.
  • The result is a consistent 97% delight rating in customer reviews - which is unrivalled.

If you have any concerns about using the Cardyard gift card exchange at all, please don’t hesitate to contact us - Tel: 01392 580 988, Email:, use our chat facility on the website.

8th of February, 2019More blog posts