Cardyard on Channel 4 Channel 4 Supershoppers

Cardyard was on Channel 4’s Supershoppers Christmas Special on December 12th.

They ran a great feature on gift cards, stating that in the UK last year, £300 million went unspent on unused gift cards. This was one of the reasons we set up Cardyard – to help people avoid wasting money from their unwanted gift cards.

Presenter Anna Richardson said: ‘If you do end up lumbered with a load of gift cards that you can’t or won’t use this Christmas, then you can free up some of the cash by selling them on sites like Cardyard. Then you can get some of the card’s value back to spend on what you like.’

Thanks for helping spread the good news Anna! You can see the full episode on the Channel 4 website where the gift card section starts 8 minutes in

13th of December, 2016More blog posts