Cardyard Video Reviews: Meet Cathy


We spoke to Cathy in April. Covid19 Lockdown was in place, Cathy was really sticking to the rules – and determined to “stay in, stay safe".

She told us she had some Asda cards, but couldn’t spend them because it was too far, an unnecessary journey, and her local supermarket was much closer.

Review of Cardyard

Here’s what Cathy told us on video: “I just want to share my experience using Cardyard.

“What recently happened with Lockdown – I found I had some Asda vouchers that I wanted to spend, but Asda is too far away for me to easily visit.

“So I had a little Google, to see what I can do about it – and I came across Cardyard.I managed to trade in my Asda cards – and although you lose a little bit of money when you put them in, you also gain money when you buy other cards, so ultimately it all works out the same”.

Final words from Cathy – “Stay in, Stay Safe”.

#Lockdown Shopping

Are you concerned about lockdown shopping, money worries or getting the best from your shopping?

Have a look at how Cardyard can make your money go further (at time of writing the Asda vouchers have a 5% discount).

Or how about if you could turn your giftcards back into cash? You can do this when you sell them through Cardyard.

24th of April, 2020More blog posts