All I want for Christmas is NOT a gift card!


As I’m writing this, the game of Whamaggedon has just started!

What’s that?

Well it’s a traditional* Christmas game played all around the, erm, social media world.

Whamaggedon Rules:

  • The objective is to go as long as possible without hearing WHAM’s Christmas classic – “Last Christmas”.
  • Timing – the game starts on 1st December, and ends at midnight on 24th December.
  • And the most important rule which you really need to know – right now (because like me you’re probably ready singing it in your head) – is that only the original version applies. Remixes, earworms and covers are fair game. Phew!
  • You lose as soon as you hear the song.

And that’s about the size of it. We are all going to be losers, sooner or later, because we know that Wham is inevitable – just like the inevitable Christmas jumpers, the John Lewis ad, and the Christmas giftcard or voucher gift!

... But losing out from giftcards is NOT inevitable

Fortunately, unlike the game of Whamaggedon, the losing out from giftcards is NOT inevitable! Because on Cardyard you can BUY a giftcard for less, and then use the giftcard to buy the Christmas gifts. And (this bit is important) don’t give the giftcard!

Why not “give the giftcard”?

Because Cardyard is a buyer/seller marketplace that makes it safe for you to buy and sell giftcards, that means there is usually not a full year left on a giftcard for spending. In fact, generally there is more than 42 days – but it doesn’t have to be much more! And 42 days go in an instant!

So, don’t get egg on your face by being caught out with a cheap gift card! The rules are simple:

  • If you’re giving a giftcard then give new (or better still, give cash!).
  • If you’re giving a gift – buy the gift with a cheap giftcard and save the cash!!

SAVE money when you PAY with the gift card, not with cash!

With money off our reduced giftcards you can splash the cash a little further, or you can just save the cash and keep it for yourself (shhhh, careless whispers!)

Right now – here’s what you can get:

12% Off when you buy M&S giftcards

12% off Newlook and Playstation giftcards

14% off Xbox and 15% off Hollister giftcards.

10% off H&M and a delicious 10% off Pizza Express (because we all need a little lunch when we’re out Christmas shopping)

There’s even 15% off Pandora giftcards, 15% off Moss Bros gift cards and a whopping 20% off Clarks giftcards!

So – remember Cardyard is the perfect place to pre-shop for Christmas. Simply buy a bargain giftcard and use it in the shops.

And for the giftcards you receive this year - here’s how to Wham them up!

Sing after me: “last Christmas you gave me a giftcard, and the very next day I sold it on Cardyard…. And used cash for something better”. (Hey, it almost fits!)

But back to real life. You get a giftcard – then sell the giftcard! But do it safely on the Cardyard platform.

Whatever you do, however you do it, happy Christmas and happy holidays!

PS: If you have already lost on Whamaggedon, then you can carry on with the same rules, but this time to Mariahmageddon with the song "All I want for Christmas is you".You’re welome.

* I’m using the traditional word lightly when applied to Whamageddon

2nd of December, 2021More blog posts