Dear Cardyard


Here at Cardyard, we think we know our “tribe”: you’re savvy, switched on, hate waste, and appreciate everything life has to offer. You’re on the look out for the positive and we think you’re quite creative and kind.

So it was delightful to get this email the other day – it confirmed so many of our thoughts.

Spoiler alert:

Before you read this – please note, we KNOW that it’s not all rosy out there. Some people are really suffering terribly. Some are working at the front-end of the NHS, or are supporting others at the frontline, others are carers, some have lost friends and family to this terrible disease; many of us are stressed and worried, and our hearts go out to all of them. And yet, within this vortex of stress, some people are finding a peace in our new #Lockdown abnormal. This customer is fully embracing it. And we decided to share their letter [republished with their permission] because it gives a different, more positive perspective.

Dear Cardyard

Please find enclosed cards as discussed.

Normally I’d leave it there and sign off – but because of Covid, I’m sending you a little letter as I have the time, and we don’t do enough letters these days, do we? So here it is.

How are you all doing? I hope you are well and safe.

Confession: I am really quite enjoying lockdown.

I’m focusing on simple pleasures, like working the hours I choose to (as long as the work gets done, it’s fine – nobody is keeping to a routine). So I can read and sunbathe, and embrace my circadian rhythms, no alarm clock other than the sun.

I’m rediscovering the joy of shopping once a week, and rising to the challenge of making a meal from whatever dubious cans are still in the cupboard since 2008.

I’m walking much more, I’m discovering the delightful country lanes and finding impressive gardens and houses of my home town here in Yorkshire, that I never knew existed. I'm lucky that I live close to a beach - and it's empty too, so I am embracing the fact that I can easily walk there and back, and lose myself in the vast expanse of sand without falling over deckchairs, windbreaks and thousands of families.

Seagulls seem to be disappearing – hopefully back to eating fish, without the batter or chips (and hopefully no longer nesting on our roof and waking us at 5am, 4am, 3am!!! in the summer).

The sun is shining. I am currently drinking a fabulous mug of coffee.

I have little work, but then I need far less money for this new less-is-OK lifestyle. I am so, so fortunate to have a small garden, a sunny outdoor space and someone to share it with. I know that others are not so fortunate and I despair on their behalf sometimes, but I refuse to let that drag me into depression. (So I’ve volunteered to coach NHS frontliners through stress, and to do some dogwalking and shopping for the vulnerable around here – and although that sounds like I’m being “lovely” – actually I’m aware that these actions also feed into my need to feel valued, so even this is also a personal boost – for which I’m grateful).

And I hope that you are also finding glimmers of hope and rays of sunshine. That you’re feeling well, and doing OK. And that you’re taking time to do a little self-care too.

Oh – and also – just to say – I’ve mentioned Cardyard e-cards to my vulnerable/shielding people, so I think you may get some more business from them. They were very interested – I just hope they have the technology to cope. Some of them do, one of them seems quite technophobic - I will see what I can do for her over the phone.

Take care, stay safe, and send me a stamped addressed jiffy bag if you need a spare toilet roll or that vintage tin of anchovy-stuffed-olives from 2008 (what could possibly go wrong?)

Yours faithfully


PS: I confess this letter is mostly taken from an email that I sent to some friends.They liked hearing my positivity so now I’m sharing far and wide.

27th of April, 2020More blog posts