Got a Debenhams or Arcadia Giftcard? Not sure what to do next?

Sadly with Debenhams and Arcadia Group (covering brands of: Burton, Dorothy Perkins, Evans, Miss Selfridge, Topman, Topshop, Wallis and Outfit) going into administration, people all over may be peering regretfully at the unused giftcards in their wallets. However, if you act quickly you *might* be able to still spend them online or at the stores.

Act quickly to spend your giftcards

As we currently understand it (and remember these things change FAST) as of today’s date you can still spend your giftcards at Debenhams for goods.

And Arcadia say they are also still taking giftcards, although they are only accepting giftcard payments up to 50% of the value (eg: buy something for £20, the most you can use is a £10 giftcard)

There’s nobody better to describe your rights with money, than WHICH magazine, so here’s their article on the best way forward if you’ve got a Debenhams giftcard:

Which giftcards we do and don't accept at Cardyard

For our part we haven’t traded Debenhams for a while now, and we don’t trade any giftcards for organisations that are in administration, which obviously includes the Arcadia Group.

For ALL giftcards we always advise caution, and suggest you use your giftcard as soon as you get it – or trade it on Cardyard.

The bottom line: don’t have giftcards hanging around. Buy them for a purpose and spend them or trade them – FAST!

2nd of December, 2020More blog posts