Keep on keeping on – but don’t keep your gift cards!


It’s tough out there. We’re social distancing, being responsible and doing the very best we can.

However some of us are finding times extra tough, and just at the moment you think you’ll be able to spend your #GiftCards for Tesco’s, you realise it’s outside your local area– and the only store you have near by is Sainsburys!

Cardyard to the rescue! Using the Cardyard app you can transform your unusable giftcards into a yummy food shop in a place that’s within an appropriate distance.

Meet Jess - food for thought

Jess was given a £20 Sainsbury's giftcard for her birthday. Jess can’t use it right now because the big Sainsbury’s store is 10 miles away and she doesn’t want to go on public transport with the kids.But she does need to shop for food.

Fortunately Jess turns to Cardyard, where she discovers she can turn her £20 Sainsbury's card into either £17.40 straight into her bank account, so she can go to the local corner store.Or she can trade it into a £20 M&S voucher, or she can buy an ASDA £20 card for just £19.00.Either way – she can now shop immediately and save herself the stress and cost of public transport.


30th of March, 2020More blog posts