ESPOG! The art of never letting another gift card die in your wallet.


What’s your wallet looking like these days?

Is it stacked full of receipts, vouchers and loose change?

Or is it neatly filed, with credit cards on one side and a few folded notes, and THAT GIFT CARD on the other? That gift card that is currently dying. You do know that some gift cards only have a lifetime of 12 months – and this one, well this one hasn’t even been outside of your wallet!

It’s no way to live.

And how are you feeling about this poor trapped gift card? Is it haunting you? Do you have owner’s remorse? Are you determined to spend it, but just can’t be bothered? Or do you want to forget all about it?

There is another way!

Join our ESPOG campaign. ESPOG = Embrace Spending Power Of Gift-cards!


It doesn’t even matter whether you like your gift card. It may be a particularly ugly or sad card, it may be dog-eared and battered, with very little time left. Or it might be for a shop you hate, one you wouldn’t be seen dead in.

Remember that every gift card has been bought and paid for by someone, and there’s TRAPPED MONEY on it.

So – here are your three options: Spend it, Sell it or Sadly let it die…

Spend it – just buy something from the store and save your purchase as a gift for someone (result:you’ll get something, but it won’t be for you)

Sell itsell it to Cardyard and RELEASE THE CASH! (Result: you’ll get the cash back and can do something more fun with it)

Sadly let it die - The third option – letting it die and the cash wither away is such a waste. And are you going to tell Aunty Linda you wasted her gift?

Remember - the best way to manage wealth is to HAVE wealth. And that means looking after cash and assets - no matter how small they are.

ESPOGGING (verb): to truly understand all the dimensions of giftcards.Whether releasing the cash by trading it, exchanging it, or buying giftcards at a discounted rate.

Not to be confused with SPOGGING* which is a verb used to describe when somebody is doing something awesome but unexpected. (Although TBF, ESPOGGING is also rather awesome!)


27th of October, 2020More blog posts