Essential response updates to COVID-19


Dear Cardyard member

Like many other companies, we are putting in lots of measures to protect both you, our customers, and our staff. We thought it would be useful to share a few of our practices.


According to WHO (1) the COVID 19 virus can last on surfaces for anything from a few hours to a few days.Therefore:

We are ensuring all card-handing is done with (new) latex gloves

We are now processing physical gift cards 2 days after they have been received (during this time they will be in secure storage).

E-cards and e-vouchers are unaffected, and these will be processed very quickly as usual.


Because our card-handling processes are being delayed, this also means that for you to receive your money it could take up to 2 working days longer. We are sorry about this, but safety is paramount.


It goes without saying that demands on our services are extremely high. Particularly as people’s livelihoods are being threatened - everyone is looking for a way to save. We know that every £1 you can save on a purchase, or by converting a card to cash, truly matters.So please bear with us as we strive to offer you the best – and safest – service possible.

Try e-vouchers instead?

At this difficult time we don’t want to create additional strain on the post, we suggest getting your cards as an online e-voucher, which will be sent to you by email.

Thank you

We really appreciate your custom. And we look forward to receiving your cards or orders.It gives us a real buzz to know we are helping people save money at this challenging time.

With best regards

The Cardyard Team

PS: Remember that approved gift-cards up to £250 can be exchanged for cash, and that you can make your money go further by buying specific cards to help make larger purchases, eg, for a new fridge or freezer. Please see our “how to” guidelines

(1) For more information on COVID-19 on surfaces – please see here:

18th of March, 2020More blog posts