Did you forget something?


The 2nd of July was “National I Forgot Day” (USA) and we feel like it’s worth celebrating over here in the UK too

According to many websites, National I Forgot Day was created by Gaye Anderson from the USA. She was having a tough time remembering things, so decided to create a day where she could take time off from being flustered, and just allow herself to forget. To take the pressure off herself and relax. (To be fair, she can't even remember when she invented it!)

And who hasn’t forgotten something recently? Who has managed to stay on top of everything, from big birthdays and life-admin to just remembering what you went into the shop for.

Life is complex and COVID19 hasn’t helped. The point of “National I Forgot Day” is to give ourselves a break. In fact – how about extending it to a whole month? We, at Cardyard want to propose the “National I Forgot Month” of July.

During “National I Forgot Month” we all get the chance to:

1) Embrace the excuse. Enjoy an excuse to simply not-remember.It’s time off from all the pressure of keeping all the stuff in our heads.

2) Do it now – For all those things that you wish you had remembered, you can take a little action to do something now. Send a belated birthday card, take up the hem of those trousers, plant out the seeds you forgot last year (who knows – they might grow – they’re certainly not growing in their packets).

3) Drop the bad stuff for good. We all have memories that we’d rather not. They pop up and make our lives a misery. One day this month – take the opportunity to put that memory away for good. Banish it. Create a little ceremony. Perhaps write a word that sums up the memory on a piece of paper and bury it, burn it, or set it afloat in your garden pond. Send it off to a place where you’ll never be bugged by it again.

4. Prevent future bad-memories. Take an action “now” that will stop future memories haunting you. For example – giftcards. If you’ve got one in your wallet or purse, then either spend it or sell it! Because before you know it, it’s going to expire!

If you want to take action on your giftcard problem now – then head over to Cardyard and sell your giftcards with us today!

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