Free up the Cash to buy Freddy a Furbo! (what?)


Bet you didn’t know that it’s National Pet Month* in April! To be fair, neither did we until we checked.

And chances are that your pet – be it a teensy hamster or a majestic great Dane, has played an enormous role in your mental and emotional wellbeing over the past year. After all – it’s been with you through thick and thin, for some of us our pet has been the only other living creature in our homes.

Now – with lockdown ending, many of us will start to return to work, and leave our pooches and paw-friends alone for longer than they are used to.

So how are you going to keep your pet sane, after all they have done for you?
Here are a few ideas (in addition to making sure that you leave them responsibly and for short periods at first of course – and the Humane Society has more ideas – see the link**)

  • Cuddly new blankets or bed (make sure they are used to them before leaving them alone) for them to relax into
  • Making sure they have enough water
  • Get them into a routine – where you leave and return to the house, starting off with shorter intervals first.
  • A dog radio, to keep ambient noise going in the house
  • Automatic dog-feeders so your pooch gets a timed treat/meal whilst you’re out of the house
  • Enrichment toys – balls and squeakers
  • Even a dog-cam called “Furbo” that you can communicate with your dog, speak to him/her and throw them treats!

Want to free up some cash for these? Then get over to Cardyard and sell your giftcard online.You can free up your money and buy Freddy a Furbo, Fluffy a new ball or both of you a new radio!

By freeing up your cash, you can spend it in your local petshop and help your local economy relaunch.

**Dog separation anxiety information:


9th of April, 2021More blog posts