Gift card? Act now. Love it or Trade It!


How are YOU going to remember to sell your giftcard?

  • Will it be a note in your diary or year planner?
  • A scribbled post-it stuck to the fridge?
  • A knot tied in a rope or handkerchief?
  • Will it be a send-to-self text?
  • Or a “remind me to do something about it”passing of responsibility onto your nearest and dearest?

The problem is – we forget! And we waste the giftcard. In fact in a typical year, around £300 MILLION worth of giftcards go to waste. All because we have completely forgotten.

So here’s a challenge. Act NOW and either “Love it or Trade It!”

Because either your giftcard has gripped you with wild excitement (OK, mild excitement is also fine) and you can’t wait to spend it. You know exactly what you’re going to buy as soon as you can.

Or – you just get a sad empty feeling that this gift-card has added something else to your to-do list. Now you have to think of what to buy AND go spend the giftcard!

This year – do something differently. Transform your giftcard into something you DO want. Either Cash – or trade it for another giftcard that DOES fill you with wild excitement!

Hop on over to Cardyard to do this safely and online, in less than 3 minutes.

PS: All our research shows that the sooner you trade your giftcard, the less likely you are to waste it.

7th of January, 2021More blog posts