Gift Card at Easter


Do Easter with a difference

With Easter just around the corner, whilst lockdown is still on, it’s a good guess that people are more likely to send a giftcard* than arrange a family meet up over an Easter dinner.

*it’s flatter than an Easter egg – travels better.

But what if you really don’t want the Easter egg OR the gift card?After all, not all of us like to spend in national retailers – and we might be chocolated out! We may prefer to have the cash to spend locally, perhaps in a restaurant or café when it opens!

All is not lost.With Cardyard you can convert your gift card to cash, and use that to spend locally.So the well-meaning friend or family member who sent you plastic instead of a roast turkey dinner, may still get to treat you to dinner – just differently.

So switch your plastic card to cash or an alternative retailer with Cardyard and make the most of Easter – just later!

Have a belated gift-card-funded gathering

You might even arrange to meet up with people and have a late-Easter/early summer lunch outdoors.In which case – how about sharing the good news with people and you can all trade in your gift cards to make the most of your locked-away, lockdown cash!

Recommend a friend to Cardyard – send them this link:(article BELOW)

11th of March, 2021More blog posts