Asda, Sainsburys, Tesco’s – even Waitrose gift cards are the new Company Christmas Dinner!


If your company normally has a Christmas “Do”, then spoiler alert… chances are you’ll be getting a giftcard instead this year.

Covid has meant socialising is OUT.

Fortunately – giftcards are distinctly IN!

Many companies are already giving out chunky giftcards, with our friends and family reporting company gifts like a £50 Asda or Tesco’s Giftcard option, or a £25 to spend at Sainsburys. One of our friends got a tasty M&S giftcard (because it’s not just any old Christmas do!) and another was wowed by their Waitrose giftcard surprise!

Giftcards instead of a do - is great news.

We know it's sad not to meet up with people, but this is a super-responsible way for the company to say to you "we care", and for you to stay safe! There's always 2021, and the partying next year is likely to be out of this world!

But in the meantime, let's look at the good points of giftcarding up for Christmas:

Gets you off the hook:

Rather than having to spend more time with people that you’d rather not sit with, all of whom are getting drunk and lairy or just boring because they want to talk shop all night - now you can choose to enjoy your evening how you wish – AND get a bonus for doing it.

Gets you doubly off the hook:

Many people prefer to avoid alcohol these days – for all sorts of reasons.Having your giftcard of choice means you don’t have to drink – and you don’t have to answer questions as to why you’re not having one.

Great for your spouse or partner:

Often work Christmas do’s can forget all about the partners, who then can feel left out, neglected or that they still have to continue to work whilst you’re having fun. Getting the giftcard means you can involve and even treat your spouse or partner

A little cash boost

It's tight this time of year, so we can all do with a little windfall. Whether you spend it on yourself, or on your friends and family - who's to know. Enjoy the boost. You've earned it!

Downsides to the Christmas Do Giftcard

While there aren’t too many downsides to this option, the only two we can spot are:

1) no gossip on the day after the night before about John and Tina* getting off in the stationery cupboard

2) you might not like the store card you get.In which case – you can simply sell it on Cardyard. Trade it HERE:

So - embrace your gift cards, trade them if you want (no - it's not ungrateful - it's sound common sense!) and have an AMAZING CHRISTMAS however you choose to spend it.

*Fictitious characters, but every company has some!

3rd of December, 2020More blog posts