The gift of self-gifting!


Seems like the term “self-care” has grown into every day use almost over night! To be fair it has probably actually taken a few years, but time seems all of a blur at the moment.

Self-gifting - the next every-day word?

Our prediction is that “self-gifting” or “gift-card-self-use” won’t be far behind self care.As we have needed to grow more and more aware of our spending, trying to save cash or look out for ways to get a bargain, the gift-card self-gifting is growing every year.

Here’s a surprising statistic.

According to Gift Card & Voucher Association*, an enormous 21.8% of gift-card use was for self-use. Self-use was the second biggest reason for gift-card buying!It made up over £1bn of our spending on giftcards in 2019.

But why? After all – if you want the thing, why not buy the thing?

Self-gifting gift cards saves cash

GCVA suggest that this enormous purchasing level of self-gifted giftcards is due to retailer or online deals.And it may also be that a substantial level also came from buying pre-owned giftcards (where you can save a LOT of cash).

A typical saving rate for buying a pre-owned giftcard can be 20% off at Waterstones, or 13% off at M&S** These can be substantial savings on purchase that people will be making anyway.

Our take-away message

You’re going to buy yourself something anyway – why not be savvy and self-gift? With over 1/5 of the whole gift card market being used for self-use, it won’t be long before it’s a simple no-brain solution to getting a better deal and making our cash go further.

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**rates do change, these are current prices at time of publishing

17th of March, 2021More blog posts