Got a Giftcard? Bank it!


Bank it!

On practically every game show these day’s there’s the invitation to “bank it”.

It tends to mean: Save what you’ve got so far. Capture your winnings. Don’t let them get away!

And because we all HATE to lose anything, it’s a really tempting prospect. After all, if you’ve just won £1000, £100 or even £10, the last thing in the world you want to do is to lose it.

But losing it is what we are all doing with giftcards on any given day! With £490million worth of giftcards going to waste every single year, that’s a whopping £1.34 MILLION going down the drain every single day in the UK! What a waste!

It could be YOURS ... (your loss that is :-( )

If you’ve ever looked at an expired gift-card, with sadness and despair, then you’ll know the feeling of losing out. It's horrible. You feel like you've lost hard cash personally (because you have) - and that the person who gave it to you has lost out too!

Don’t bin it - BANK IT!

On the other hand, if you’d rather get savvier over savings, then instead of leaving your card to molder and die in your wallet, then we invite you to “BANK IT” with Cardyard.

When you “bank it” with Cardyard you are simply setting up your gift-card account, and you can turn your giftcard into Cardyard Credit for future spending. This may cost you a small percentage of the cost of the gift-card, but often you can buy an even CHEAPER card that you really will spend.

If you are a habitual gift-card loser, then sign up for our newsletter and we’ll remind you on a monthly basis to check through your cards and sell them to us.

24th of July, 2020More blog posts