What to do with your unwanted giftcards? (It doesn’t involve magic)


We've all been there... a kindly relative pops over and says: "Happy birthday! Here’s a gift-card, spend it on something you want”

But what if there’s nothing in that particular store that you do want?

Or what if you really really need the cash, or you’re desperate for something in another store?

What then?

Well – enter Cardyard! Cardyard will take your voucher or giftcard that you don’t want and turn it into lovely spendable cash, or you can choose a different card from Cardyard and not lose out on anything.

Here's how you could transfer your giftcard's spending power to a different store:

We'll use an example:

Aunty Enid gives you a £25 Sainsburys gift card – but you really want a GAP card.

Here are the 2 steps to magically transform it:

And you’ve now got £1.59 credit still in your Cardyard account, so you grow this by selling us more giftcards!

The BAD magic trick that will happen if YOU don’t take control of your giftcards...

We forget, don’t we, that a gift-card isn’t static? Most have a 12 or 24 month expiry date. So the £25 gift-card, can go “pfft” and transform, magically, from full-of-exciting-purchasing-power into a worthless piece of plastic. It can happen in an instant, when you’re not even looking.

So – don’t allow your giftcards to disappear on their own and instead – take control – and perform your own magic trick to turn your giftcard into something that you’ll want and use.

Cardyard is magic for giftcards!

18th of May, 2020More blog posts