Did someone send you a random giftcard on “random acts of kindness day”?


We all love a little random act of kindness - but Lockdown has made the “Random Acts of Kindness Day” a little different this year.

It’s not like we could just catch up with someone in the local café and buy them a surprise cake to go with their coffee. Nor, if we aren’t going to work, could we easily have surprised colleagues with a posy on their desk, and we certainly can’t “just pop round and clean their car* or cooker”.

No, this years’ random acts of kindness day has been severely curtailed.

Except ... random #giftcards made a huge appearance.

This year, people were sending each other e-giftcards like there’s no tomorrow! Small amounts, small tokens of loveliness. But they really mattered and said “I’m thinking of you”.

Now – the problem here is – what if they send you a giftcard that you really don’t like?

What can you do with it - will you pass it on to a friend? Well – not if you’ve just said a huge public thank-you on Facebook to the original thoughtful sender.

So – instead of a lovely gift, a delightful thought, that giftcard (like many other giftcards that we are given) is actually just destined to make you sad. Sigh.

Fortunately there is another way! Cardyard accepts giftcards at starting prices of just £5. (Or, for Amazon giftcards, just £1 starting values!). And you can trade in your unwanted “random” giftcard, buy another one instead, or get the cash and use that for whatever you need in a cash-sort of way.

Result! You feel “treated”. Your friend feels happy (they never need to know you traded!) and everyone is sorted.

What are you waiting for? Just whizz over here to find out more or to start trading.

PS: *Actually you could have come over and washed my car, because it’s outdoors. But that’s a bi-i-i-g job, and I’d rather have a giftcard anyway 😊

20th of November, 2020More blog posts