​ GiftCards for Carers


We know that you are probably a bit tired of the COVID-19 24-hour news-cycle. We are too. Little moments of joy are a few and far between at the moment. Yes, it’s interesting that online shopping has had a boost, and we – like you – are still getting our head around the fact that 2 metres distance is the new normal now.

Amidst all of the gloom there have been little moments that have cheered us up. Clap-for-carers provided a cause to rally around, and a sense of community when we needed it the most. Hopefully, it has illuminated for people up and down the country the plight of key workers, spurring them into action.

Another thing that has warmed our hearts to see is how some retailers have taken the time to recognise and provide a solution to difficulties that COVID-19 present.

Sainsbury’s piloted a clever tool to support communities. An e-gift card that could be sent to a friend or helper so that they could shop in store on behalf of vulnerable and isolating individuals, without money having to directly change hands. Minimising risk on all-fronts, whilst cleverly using the resources available.

Sainsbury’s certainly weren’t the only retailer providing this service. Tesco, Waitrose, Asda, and M&S have all committed to similar schemes, providing a range of volunteer e-Gift cards, all contributing to reducing the need for close contact for those who are self-isolating. Aldi have also launched a similar scheme with gift-cards that can be ordered and then dispatched directly to any UK address.

Supermarket Giftcards

Sainsbury’s: www.sainsburysgiftcard.co.uk

Tesco: https://www.tescogiftcards.com/

Waitrose: www.johnlewisgiftcard.com

M&S: www.marksandspencer.com/allinthistogether/

Asda: www.cards.asda.com/the-volunteer-shopping-card

Aldi: www.vouchers.aldi.co.uk

And remember you can also buy discounted giftcards on Cardyard for money off!

22nd of June, 2020More blog posts