Why giftcards are like summer holidays… and how to avoid getting burned!


This year, just like last year, the foreign summer holiday may be a fanciful desire, a hope or a dream.It may or may not happen.

Stoked for fun in the sun

And yet some of us will be so stoked for that summer sunshine, gripped by the promise of hot beaches, cocktails by the pool and driven by that excitement (because anticipation really is a major part of the fun factor) we will book in advance.

Just don't get burned.

Will it ever actually happen? Of course we hope so - but right now, we just don’t know. Our holiday destination may or may not turn into a red zone, a green zone or just be so dodgy we don’t want to go in the end. But the excitement and desire to get away makes us bet on the prospect, so we go ahead and invest our hard-earned cash. We do it for the joy of anticipation.

And that’s exactly what happens with a giftcard.

Working on the same theory of “anticipation” – we even buy giftcards when we know full well, we can’t go to the shops!

Our FOMO kicks in, and rather than keeping our cash in our pockets, we will buy a giftcard if we can’t buy anything at all.

Or we’ll buy a giftcard for a friend who happens to have a lock-down birthday

Or we’ll buy a giftcard for a night out, at a chain restaurant, because we’ve got the cash right now, and we know it’s going to be amazing when it reopens.

When it comes to giftcards here are two options that may save you stress and cash:

  • Keep your cash as long as possible The sensible option is to keep our cash in our own accounts, until we can be certain of getting what we have paid for. There’s nothing to beat the flexibility of actual real cash, and all the agility and choice it gives you.
  • Buy your giftcards strategically Use the saving power of a Cardyard giftcard (which is a pre-purchase decision of course) to make sure you get every ounce of value from your cash.

Just like everyone else, when it comes to holidays we really don’t know what is likely to happen. But, with our cash-savvy attitude, we aren’t going to take any chances, so we’ll be booking closer to the time.

In the meantime we are so busy selling your unwanted gift-cards, for people to buy garden furniture instead, it seems like we aren’t going too far this year!

Got a giftcard you don’t want? Sell it through Cardyard.

4th of May, 2021More blog posts