Giftcards - spend a little – then sell it on!


Got a £50 giftcard, but only want to spend £20 of it? Don’t throw the rest away! Because you can sell the remaining £30 on Cardyard.

Part-spent giftcards are good to sell here!

Cardyard isn’t only there for those perfectly full, untouched giftcards, they can also sell your slightly used giftcard too! Whether you've already spent a little or a lot off that giftcard.

Accepting anything over £1 on Amazon

Simply upload your giftcard, declare how much remains on the giftcard and so long as it’s above £5 you're good to go! And on Amazon they accept £1 or over. So don't lose your cash when Cardyard can sell your giftcard for you.

... and over £5 on other giftcards

So start with your wallet, then check over your desk and cupboards. Those ½ spent giftcards can add up to a lot of pounds, and frankly you might as well convert them into cash than have them hanging around waiting to expire.

The process is simple, and could stop you wasting all that cash!

Sell your part-used giftcards HERE

17th of February, 2021More blog posts