Gifted Giftcard Hack



So, I‘ve been working really hard lately.

- Well done you.

And the company rewarded me…

- Excellent.Sounds like a great company

With a gift card!

- Cool!

For a really substantial amount

- WOW!

But I don’t like the shop.

- Oh no.

Yeah, it’s for a national chain, and it’s really not my style. So I doubt I’ll spend the giftcard.

- Really?

Yeah.It’s a real waste, and such a shame.

- Can’t you sell it somewhere?

Never thought of that…


I sold my giftcard!

- Wow, that’s great – where did you sell it?

Found a site called - got 90% of the value back.So, I’m actually £270 up.Instead of wasting £300 that I’d never have spent.

- Nice.

17th of July, 2020More blog posts