I got the wrong gift card!


Yes, it happens. And to be fair that’s what inspired Cardyard to be born. But enough of history – what do you do if you get the wrong giftcard?

You could check your rights with the giftcard seller:

Check the terms with the retailer* – although it’s very unlikely that they will exchange it back for cash. And as they are one retailer – they aren’t going to have any other retailer's giftcards to exchange anyway.

Or you could check with the person who bought it for you

This is a potentially tricky route, which may risk upsetting someone, who only had good things in mind for you. And even if they are thick-skinned rhinos who don’t mind being told they messed up with your gift, they are unlikely to be able to do anything about it anyway (see below – check your consumer rights). So perhaps don’t upset the generous gift giver, but bear it in mind and make sure to drop LOTS of hints before Christmas next year.

You could just put it in your wallet and ignore it.

Because it WILL go away. Give it 12 months, or perhaps 2 years, and eventually that giftcard will be worthless, and you will be £25 or whatever down (although you might feel rich with the guilt and shame feelings of waste). So yes, forget all about it. Get the same card next year. Repeat the cycle and help the retailers in their ruse of selling people worthless plastic cards for big bucks!

You could sell it or trade it on Cardyard

It’s a no-brainer really. If you don’t want the giftcard then don’t have the giftcard. Get some cash or another giftcard instead! Sell it safely and securely on Cardyard.

  • No guilt or shame
  • No waste
  • No having to tackle well-meaning relatives
  • Get what YOU want! YAY!

Win win all round.

And here’s a useful article from WHICH magazine: Eight things to do with unwanted Christmas presents

*For detailed information do check with the consumer credit rights.

11th of January, 2021More blog posts