Happy 5th birthday Cardyard


As Cardyard reaches the grand old age of FIVE – our founder, Mike, looks back on how things were in 2015. A very different time.

We asked him to share a few highlights of the launch of the business.Here’s what we gleaned:

Why did you start Cardyard?

"Back in 2014 I had some gift cards to sell, and couldn’t find a way that was safe, secure and where I’d be certain of getting my cash for them. It seemed that the world needed such a service, so I researched the options and launched Cardyard in November 2015"

Give us some highlights of your journey back in 2015

"Before we launched we held a focus group in a builders office; and got some great feedback that helped to improve the customer journey.

"We launched early November, and on the 9th November 2015 our first buyer bought an M&S £15 e-gift card.

"Full disclosure - the buyer is a friend actually - an airline pilot. So he might have been doing this just to help us out to begin with, but he’s bought and sold quite a few gift cards since.

"On the 19th November 2015 we welcomed our first seller. They sold a Vue cinema £20 gift card through us. The seller is a mum at the school of my youngest.

"In fact, in those early days, nearly all buyers and sellers were people I knew, or locals who'd heard about us, including my dentist who sold me an unwanted Google Play card!

"I was confident it was going to work, but I needed to build up stock first. So to begin with, when somebody bought a card, I'd go into town and buy it in a shop then post it to the buyer at a loss".

Cheques and balances.

"It sounds old fashioned now, but we used to pay our sellers by cheque!In fact, we used to do a lot of work through the post, buying and selling.Things have changed a lot, and the last cheque was sent 7th September 2016.

"In our first 12 months of trading our turnover was 12,360. We often achieve that same amount in a matter of hours now!

Memorable moments:

"We had a seller who had a gift card that had been chewed by his dog, and we managed to decipher the code and sell it for him.

"We once converted a million air miles into cash by first converting into gift cards.Sadly, they were deceased, and this was part of an estate that their family needed to liquidate.

"And of course, COVID-19 has been memorable. We used to sell half electronic and half physical, but since COVID-19 are predominately electronic.And we have blitzed through changes that were planned for 12 months hence, to make us more streamlined, more digital and of course COVID-safe.


"Another four gift card exchanges launched in 2015, and all have closed their doors whereas Cardyard has gone from strength to strength.

Our only competition these days is the competitions that we run on a monthly basis… talking of which:


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