Are you missing out on the hidden cash in your wallet?


Whether you are rich or financially stretched – we all like some extra money.

You might be rolling in cash, absolutely slathered in money and dripping with wealth, but it’s always nice to have a little bit more.

Or you could be stretching what you have, trying to make ends meet, and finding it difficult to get the week to shrink to fit your budget.

So what would you do if you discovered a simple piece of plastic lurking in your wallet that can be transformed into readily spendable £££Pounds?

It might mean you get to go out on the Thursday instead of stopping in and watching ENDLESS TV, It could get you a few more cocktails on the Friday, or it might just alleviate your guilt for spending so much the week before?

It might be the difference between buying a cheaper pair of jeans or pushing the boat out?It might just be the relaxing coffee and cake with a mate that you need (and a great excuse to treat them to it too)

So – here’s what you’re looking for….A gift card!

Pretty much any old gift card will do – M&S, H&M, Build-a-Bear, Sainsburys, Amazon, John Lewis… you know the type.

It may have been hanging around so long you’d almost forgotten who gave it to you.Or you may be waiting for the opportunity to get to that store and try to find something there you want to buy (and it’s taken you 6 months so far – it’s just not going to happen is it?)

Q: So – now what?

Hop on over to Cardyard and upload your giftcard.Make an account and when your giftcard is sold, the cash will be in your account ready for spending.

The beauty of Cardyard is that your card is safe and secure.It’s checked when you send it in, and the cards are checked when we issue them.So, both buyers and sellers can be assured of the card value.

The thing is – you’ll never spend that gift card

… so before you know it, the giftcard will have expired completely and at that point you have LOST the money… Not a great feeling.

Using Cardyard you can FREE the cash, use it to get what you want NOW! And enjoy knowing that there isn’t a giftcard wasting away in your wallet.

What are you waiting for?

Sell your giftcard HERE

Don’t lose the cash - don't let your giftcard vanish

PS: It’s 6 months since Christmas, the peak gift-card gifting time.If you’ve still got a giftcard now – then spend it or sell it on Cardyard, before another 6 months are over in the blink of an eye and your giftcard turns into worthless plastic.

1st of July, 2021More blog posts