How to Cope when you buy someone the wrong giftcard


Time goes by so slowly….

Aah but it doesn’t does it? It goes by so fast it’s crazy. I mean kids just grow up in front of our very eyes.

And if you’ve not seen people for maybe a whole year – this means you haven’t seen them grow up either!

And this means…

- the “Build a Bear” giftcard voucher you bought for Harry (the Harry you remember, because – well he was 5 or 6 last time you saw him!) is now totally inappropriate for the 8 year old Harry (8-going-on-18) who only cares about mobile phones, video games and tech!

- the smart GAP voucher that was totally perfect for the sweet 12-year-old Saskia, (when did you last see her?2017?) is now completely wasted on the wild “Morgren-version-of-Saskia” – a sulky 15-year-old, who is all black lipstick, eyeliner and serious Goth.

- the restrained M&S voucher you bought for your sane and sensible uncle Jonathan, is completely wrong for the wild playboy version (now known as Jonno) since he got divorced back in 2019.

Yes, sadly time plays cruel tricks.

Fortunately – Cardyard has a trick up its sleeve too. You see, even if you know that you’ve bought completely the wrong giftcard for a loved one – you can suggest to them that they go trade it on Cardyard after Christmas.

Let them know they will get a great deal – they can get some cash, or if they prefer they can probably buy themselves a more appropriate gift card too.

The gift of knowledge to set their giftcard free

Most of all – give them the gift to set their giftcard free. To turn it back into cash if that’s what they would prefer. So they don’t hold onto a worthless gift card for years to come. Because as we know…

Time goes by so slowly (so we forget to spend the giftcard and it expires)

And also – time goes by so fast that before you know it Saskia has a qualified and become a top neurosurgeon, Harry is a Buddhist, living in a remote mountain, and uncle Jonathan is on his 14th wife, the local vicar.

Apologies and thanks to The Righteous Brothers for the earworm

18th of December, 2020More blog posts